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Academic Excellence team improves through semester

18 May 2011

The Pratt Community College Academic Excellence team has been competing with other schools throughout the state this semester, finishing their season in Salina the last weekend of April.

The team started out strong on Friday, in the semi-finals, winning the first two rounds.

"The team started out very strong and were jazzed up after the first two rounds," said Carol Matulka, sponsor. "After that it got more difficult and they had more issues."

The team finished the year Saturday with four wins and seven losses.

The team is made up of sophomore Jacob Dodson, Byers and freshman Destiny Wendland, St. John, Casey Backman, Iuka and Chipego Kalembo, Zambia.

Friday evening Dodson was listed as ninth in the Most Valuable Player category and ended Saturday in ninth place. Kalembo ended in 19, Wendland in 37 and Backman in 43.

Academic Excellence is a one hour class, which meets weekly to practice.

Twelve community colleges participated in quiz bowl this past semester. The three freshmen have enrolled in the fall semester. Each of them identified ways to improve their individual games to come back stronger.

"My feelings are that after a year of competing as primarily a freshman team they will give each other more encouragement, benefit from enlarged college experiences and be leaders in the game their sophomore year," Matulka said. "I am expecting great things from them in 2011-2012."