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PCC offers $839,679 in scholarships

01 February 2012

Pratt Community College is making available $839,679 in scholarships to students for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Awards are made for specific instructional and athletic programs offered at PCC and are awarded through an application process. Auditions and try-outs may be required for certain programs.

"I think giving scholarships is important," said Carol Ricke, business instructor. "They allow students who otherwise wouldn't have the money to come to college and get an education."

With the scholarship dollars that PCC is awarding, students can receive a scholarship that can vary in amounts, with the highest being up to books and tuition.

"I decided to come to PCC because I was offered a scholarship to play basketball and because when I came on the campus visit everyone was nice," said Catie Riedel, sophomore from Wakeeney.

Riedel said by receiving the scholarship she hasn't had to worry about money, which makes it easier for her to concentrate on basketball and her grades. Another benefit for Riedel, is that she will be able to go to the school she wants after Pratt and not have to be as concerned with cost.

All scholarship given require students take at least 16 credit hours. The scholarship won't pay for online courses or more than 18 credit hours, unless it is a developmental course. All students receiving scholarships in the amount of $500 or greater will be required to live in the dorms, unless other arrangements are made with the school. Along with these requirements, if a student is awarded an athletic scholarship the student must be taking at least two of their credit hours being for their sport.

For a student to be awarded an academic scholarship, the student must follow the guidelines stated above and must also meet additional requirements for the program or department.

"When students apply for a scholarship in the business department, I look to see how they did in high school and what their needs are," Ricke said. "I like to try and help those who need it and have worked hard to deserve it."

Along with filling out the application, students who receive a scholarship in the business department must take at least one business course a semester.

Students in Pratt County can qualify for a Pratt County High School Senior Grant, which allows all students who graduated from a Pratt County high school in the past three years to receive a scholarship. The student can receive $700 a year on the scholarship and are required to take 12 credit hours a semester, along with completing 30 hours of community service a year.

The most distinguished scholarship awarded at PCC is the Above and Beyond scholarship, which is for students have a 3.6 GPA in high school and college. To be eligible the student must score a 26 or higher on their ACT and be in the top 10 percent of their class. Students are required to follow the guidelines for credit hours, along with completing 50 hours of community service a semester. They are rewarded with a scholarship of books and tuition plus a stipend.

"In order to guarantee that a student's financial aid is in place by Aug. 1, we must have all documentation by the priority deadline," said Laura Compton, Director, Financial Aid.

Compton said all documentation includes the FASFA and any other information the office request the student complete. If the student is under 24 years of age, they must have their parent's taxes and their parents must sign it, unless the student are married or supporting a child.

According to the American Association of Community College's 2010-2011 Fast Faces, the average annual tuition and fees were $2,713 at a community college and $7,605 at a four-year college. The Kansas Board of Regents established the tuition and fees rates for the six state universities for the 2011-2012 academic year. The rates for this year range from a 3.6 percent increase (an increase of $70.05 per semester) at Fort Hays State University to a 6.8 percent increase (an increase of $158.00 per semester) at Emporia State University.

PCC also increased tuition and fees from $79 to $85 a credit hour, while students who attend a four-year college pay an average of $136 a credit hour. On average a student who attends PCC will save more than $5,000 over the course of a year.

According to the American Association of Community College's 2010-2011 Fast Faces, the average annual tuition and fees were $2,713 at a community college and $7,605 at a four-year college.

On average a student going to PCC living the dorms, will be pay $8,253 a year. Students who go to Emporia State University will pay an average of $11,332 and students who go to Kansas State University will pay an average of $15,058.