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Program Leverages Resources to Increase Student Success

15 September 2015

Pratt Community College’s Electrical Power Lineman Program recently acquired a 2003 Chevy C7500 Altec Digger. Coordinator of the program David Campbell found this digger when searching for a well maintained, low mileage unit to replace their current 1996 Chevy Kodiac Texhoma that is way past its prime.

PCC’s goal is to conduct business with local and regional venders to make major purchases; however, in this particular instance there were no real affordable options.

“We researched all avenues from purchasing a more expensive unit to leasing. Unfortunately leasing ranged between $2,000 and $3,000 monthly and would quickly deplete revenue versus a onetime expenditure,” Vice President of Finance Kent Adams said.

Half of the cost was covered by the Kansas Board of Regents’ Vocational Education Capital Outlay Aid Distribution which can be applied towards purchasing equipment.

The digger has 17,593 miles and can be used to dig holes and set poles. It has a sheave height of 50 feet.

The EPT Program has locations in Pratt, Wichita, and Coffeyville.

“The unit that we had the students would never see in industry because it was obsolete,” Campbell said. “Although the 360 rotation collector block is no longer repairable, the older unit will be used for practice driving for CDL training.”