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Former PCC student returns for three-day training

10 September 2014

Students in the Electrical Power Lineman program at Pratt Community College watch professionals in the field practice different technics for three days in September.

This year the Kansas Electric Cooperative Hotline School is being held on Sept. 9-11 and of the 40 participants from across the state and Nebraska, many of them are PCC alumni.

“I remember watching this and thinking that I just wanted to be involved and up in the bucket doing it,” said Zane May, who graduated in 2011 and is now at Pioneer Electric out of Ulysses, Kan.

The training has a different skill level and allows them to receive hands-on training while refreshing their skills in the lab field. As part of their training, the men work on the lines as if they had electricity running to them. Working with others and passing on their knowledge is very important and is helpful to all who attend, said Dave Campbell, EPT program coordinator.

“This is great not only for the linemen that are out in the field, but also for my guys,” Campbell said. “It gives them a chance to rotate with the lineman and observe what they are doing and learn different techniques.”

May said that while it is more fun to be up working on the wires, than down below observing, he felt it was a good experience, along with his training at PCC.

“While in college I learned how to climb and the fundamentals, which were what I needed to know to get a job,” he said. “I felt equipped for the real world, when I started my internship.”

After his freshman year, May had an internship at Pioneer and finished his degree online so he could continue working there when they had a job open up as his internship was ending.

“The job is a lot of hard work but I love it,” May said. “If the students are willing to work hard, they will do well.”