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EPT hosts three-day hotline training at Pratt campus

14 September 2018

Linemen from various rural electric cooperatives and municipalities around the state of Kansas came to the Pratt Community College EPT pole facility on-campus for the annual Kansas Electric Cooperative (KEC) Hotline School. The event allows linemen from across the state to receive hands-on training and refresher courses while simulating situations where they must work on electrical lines that are hot.

“People do not enjoy the power going out every time a line needs to be worked on,” said Dave Campbell, PCC EPT Instructor. “This school allows linemen to practice with equipment so they can work while leaving the lights on.”

The hotline school also provides an opportunity for linemen to network and connect with other linemen across the state. They are able to share their different views and techniques to ultimately improve in the craft.

Electrical Power Technology students at PCC have been able to observe the training and ask professionals in the field various questions about the job. It has also given them the opportunity to network with companies that regularly hire graduates from the program.

The two and a half day school took place Sept. 11-13. It has been offered at PCC since the early 1980s.

Pratt Community College offers the EPT program on-campus and online. For more information about the Electrical Power Technology program, contact Dave Campbell at 620-450-2127 or phillipc@prattcc.edu.