MEN BB wins 101-76 vs Southwestern JV (Nov. 18)
WMN BB wins 85-52 vs NOC-Enid JV (Nov. 18)
WRE falls to NEO 0-51 (Nov. 13)

Pratt Online FAQ

Q. How much do Pratt Online courses cost?
A. Courses are $135 per credit hour with additional fees for Allied Health Students to cover State Certification License, insurance, and proctoring for the state exam.

Q. What classes are offered through Pratt Online?
A. Allied Health classes offered through Pratt Online are: Home Health Aide, Medication Aide, Medication Aide Update, Intro to Health Occ. Technology, Terminology for Health Care Workers, Nurse Aide 1, and Leadership Management for Health Care Workers, Speech Communications.

Nursing classes offered through Pratt Online are: Nursing Transition, Nursing III: Didactic, Adult Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing.

Q. Do I need to create an account for Pratt Online?
A. No. You will receive an email after you have enrolled (about a week before the class begins) containing login and password information and stating that your status is pending for the class until payment has been made or Financial Aid has been applied. You will need to contact the Business Office at 620-450-2134 or 620-450-2143 to make payment and get your status changed from pending to student allowing you to access your class.

Q.How do I access my courses?
A.You access your course at Login with the information you received through email and click on the blue class title under "Enrolled Courses."

Q.How do I drop or withdraw from a class on Pratt Online?
A.Contact your instructor, fill out a drop request form in the Admissions office, or email the online administrator at stating that you would like to drop the course. Include your full name, course number, and date of birth in the email.

Q. I have a PCC scholarship; will it cover my Allied Health and/or Pratt Online courses?
A. Unfortunately, institutional scholarships do not cover online classes.

Q. Why is my class pending?
A. The most common reason for a pending status is that your payment has not been received or financial aid has not been applied. Contact the business office at 620-450-2143 or 620-450-2134 to check your balance and make payment.