The Vice President reports to the President and serves as the Chief Academic Officer of Pratt Community College and provides strategic and operational leadership to the Division of Instruction. The successful candidate will provide oversight for all academic affairs supporting academic programs...

  • SOFTBALL loss 2-0 vs Seward (April 30)

eduKan Math and English Placement

EN176 English Composition I
Placement Tool Required Score
ACT - English and Reading 18+
ASSET - Writing and Reading 40+
COMPASS Writing 55+
COMPASS Reading 75+

EN176 English Composition II

Placement Tool Required Score
Enrollment / completion of English Comp I C or higher

MA076 Beginning Algebra

Placement Tool Required Score
ACT 17-20
ASSET Numerical Skills 40+
ASSET Int. Algebra Skills 21-22
ASSET College Algebra 23+
COMPASS Pre-Algebra 22+


MA177 Intermediate Algebra
Placement Tool Required Score
ACT 21-22
ASSET Elementary Algebra 41-55
ASSET Int. Algebra 23-40
COMPASS Algebra 41-65


MA178 College Algebra
Placement Tool Required Score
ACT 23+
ASSET Int. Algebra Skills 41-55
ASSET College Algebra 23-40
COMPASS Algebra 66-100
COMPASS College Algebra 0-45