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EDUKAN Instructions

Registering for Courses
Dropping Courses
Withdrawal from Courses


Registering for Courses

Go to www.edukan.org


  1. Click "Online Application" under Admissions on the top of the page.
  2. Fill out the requested information on the Application Form and click "Continue."
  3. Select Pratt Community College under School of Interest and click "Continue."
  4. Look at what session you might want to enroll in by clicking "Course Info" and “Courses and Schedules.” Find your term and download the schedule.
  5. Login to your account. Your login will be the first four letters of your last name combined with the last four digits of your social security number. Use the password you created during the application process.
  6. Click "GO."
  7. Click "Add" in the top left corner.
  8. Update your personal information if needed and click "Update" with new values.
  9. Select Pratt Community College.
  10. Please select the semester for which you would like to enroll and click "Continue."
  11. Select the course(s) you would like to registrar and click "Continue."
  12. Read the Payment Options screen and click "Continue."
  13. Read the Registrar Confirmation of Enrollment letter and Status Information page.

NOTE:  Courses may only be added up to the Wednesday prior to the start of a session.  After this date the student must seek permission from the instructor for late add.

Dropping Courses

  1. Go to www.edukan.org
  2. Login and click "GO."
  3. Click "Drop" in the top left corner. If dropping your classes is not possible the drop button will not be there, in that case please contact Enrollment Services at online@prattcc.edu.
  4. Select Pratt Community College.
  5. Select the semester for which you would like to drop a course and click  "Continue."
  6. Select the course you would like to drop and click "Continue."
  7. Please complete the eduKan survey and click "Continue."
  8. If you indicate that you want to be contacted you will receive a confirmation letter from the Online Administrator stating that you have dropped the class.

NOTE:  Courses may be dropped up through the designated “last day to drop with 100% refund” date which is generally the second Friday after the session start date.  


Withdrawal from Courses

After the “last day to drop with 100% refund” date has passed, students who no longer wish to continue in their enrolled courses must withdraw from the course by contacting the Online Administrator.

To withdraw email your name, date of birth, and the name of the course from which you would like to withdraw to online@prattcc.edu.