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EDUKAN Frequently Asked Questions

EDUKAN is not a separate institution, but instead a cooperative effort between member colleges to offer courses via the Internet beginning Fall 1999. Those who enroll in the online program will be able to take coursework that may lead to an associate degree from one of six participating institutions.
For more info on our courses, please visit us at http://edukan.org/programs/
To connect to your EDUKAN classes on the Canvas Learning Management system, please click here: https://edukan.instructure.com/login/canvas 

If you have any additional questions please check out https://edukan.org/support/faq/

What individual classes are offered through EDUKAN?
Visit the EDUKAN Course Catalog online to review classes available.

How much do EDUKAN courses cost?
EDUKAN courses for the 2018-2019 year cost $150 per credit hour regardless of Kansas residency status.

I'm on the wait list for a class how will I know when/if I am added to the class?
You will receive an email stating that you have been added to the class. If you have not been added by the first day of class you may email the instructor and ask/request permission to be added.

How do I drop a class?
If the drop date has not passed you will visit www.edukan.org to drop the class just like you added it. For detailed instructions see  Dropping Courses.

Where do I take my exams?
Where you take exams is determined by the instructor. In most courses the only exam you must take in a school setting is the final, however some instructors may require other tests to be taken in a in school setting in addition to the final. These exams will be proctored at an institution near your residence. Visit https://edukan.org/academics/biosig-id-profile/proctoring/ for more information on proctoring and a list of acceptable proctor sites.

Do I need to enroll for my lab separately?
No, virtual labs are included with the course.

Will I have to do any labs on campus?
All the labs are interactive on a disk you purchase with your book. Please note that the lab disks have a special code and can only be downloaded once onto one computer.

I don't have my instructor's contact information. Who do I contact?
Contact Enrollment Services at 620-450-2171 or email online@prattcc.edu.

I enrolled on www.prattcc.edu through self-service. Do I have to enroll on eduKan too?
Yes, you will not be enrolled in the class until you login in and add the class through EDUKAN.

Why is my status pending?
Statuses remain pending until students have paid for the course. If financial aid is to be applied the status will remain pending until a week before the course begins.

I have a PCC scholarship; will it cover my EDUKAN courses?
PCC scholarships do not cover EDUKAN classes or any other type of online class.

How do I order my books?
You can order books by going to  https://edukan.org/academics/edukan-bookstore/

EDUKAN and PCC have different course numbers, will this affect transferability or entry into PCC's Nursing program?
The numbers and some course titles are listed differently on EDUKAN; This will not affect transferability or entry into PCC's Nursing program. Your transcript will show PCC's course title and number. For example: EDUKAN's BI280 Principles of Microbiology is BIO165 Microbiology at PCC. For a complete listing of course numbers see the EDUKAN Equivalency Chart.

EDUKAN and PCC have different course numbers, will this affect transferability to another college?
It might. Please contact the registrar at the college to which you will be transferring credits to make sure the class will transfer.