Electrical Technology

The Electrical Technology Program is offered on Pratt Community College's campus through Coffeyville Community College.

The program prepares individuals for a career in a variety of areas including residential, commercial industrial wiring and plant maintenance. When enrolling in the program students will have the option to receive an associate's degree or certification in the program. No matter which option a student chooses they will be required to take part in a three month internship.

When an individual starts the program at PCC they will be required to purchase some equipment, which they will need to complete the course and will need when they join the workforce. The equipment runs about $300 but most of it can be bought cheaper through vendors with a student discount.

New technologies are expected to continue to stimulate the demand for electricians. Increasingly buildings will be pre-wired during construction to accommodate the use of computers and telecommunications equipment. For more information about the Electrical Technology Program please call (620) 450-2175 or email joev@prattcc.edu.


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