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Young artist featured in gallery for February

02 February 2016

Pratt Community College welcomes a new exhibit to the Delmar Riney Art Gallery for the month of February.

Hannah Garrison, 18, is a home schooled student and resident of Pratt. She considers herself mostly a self-taught artist and has been drawing animals since she was 10. The first time Hannah officially started drawing was while sitting in a church pew one Sunday morning. She says her drawing was quite an embarrassing little horse with legs that were twisted all goofy. Being a shy girl back then, she kept her little horse a secret.

Later, after winning ribbons at the Pratt County and Kansas State Fair competitions, she was encouraged to continue drawing. A few years later she started using photos, which allowed for a more realistic quality in her work. Studying one section at a time, Hannah drew what she saw in the photographs using pencils and other mediums.

Discovering the use of color, Garrison’s perspective was also changed. She started putting blue in her pastel chalk drawings where most wouldn’t expect it. It was used as the shadow to her whites. Hannah carries paper and pencil almost everywhere she goes. Though Garrison doesn’t want to make it her main career, she has been commissioned to draw others pets.

Her love for animals carries not only in her drawings and paintings, but also in her love for her pets. Garrison has recently taken on a job at the Pratt Humane Society. She is thankful to God for creating us in his image, for without that she is sure she could not be a creator herself. Hannah hopes her audience enjoys her work and is inspired to pick up a pencil and get started. In the meantime, she plans to keep drawing and reminds everyone, “you never know where drawing might lead you!”

The exhibit is on display in the Delmar Riney Art Gallery at PCC until Feb. 19. The gallery shows a new exhibit every month. For more information or to be considered as a “Featured Artist of the Month,” contact Lisa Perez Miller at 620-672-3559 or lisam@prattcc.edu.