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PCC employee and student artwork on display

19 November 2015

‘Tis the season of giving and Pratt Community College is giving students, employees, and the community the gift of artwork on display at the Delmar Riney Art Gallery. The November and December exhibit will display an array of artwork from photography and paintings to cross stitching all of which have been contributed by PCC employees and students.

Eight PCC employees from all departments and areas of the college submitted a collection of their personal artwork. Photography pieces were submitted by Brian Elkins, Jennifer Barten, Lisa Perez-Miller, John Patton, and Sharon Lukens. In addition to photographs on display there are also acrylic paintings, cross-stitching, sketches, and blown glass pieces submitted by Megan Eaton, Jackie Mundt, Junnae Landry and PCC student Nicole McDonough.

Elkins, who is the Coordinator of Enrollment Services at PCC, has submitted original photography for display for the second time in a year. His pieces in this month’s exhibit captures the beauty of indigenous fowl in flight.
A PCC adjunct professor also submitted several ornate photography pieces. John Patton, who teaches photography, utilizes the effect of light and shadow to find beauty in ordinary objects such as a guitar pick and strings or a somber green apple.

The exhibit will be on display from Nov. 16 through Dec. 18 in the Delmar Riney Art Gallery at PCC. The gallery shows a new exhibit every month. For more information or to be considered as a “Featured Artist of the Month,” contact Lisa Perez Miller at 620-672-3559 or lisam@prattcc.edu.