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Delmar Riney Art Gallery presents "Featured Artists"

28 August 2018

The Delmar Riney Art Gallery at Pratt Community College is currently hosting an exhibit featuring works of photography by Stan Reimer’s summer photography class.

The exhibit highlights photographs from students who took the class offered by the Vernon Filley Art Museum this summer. Area community members ages 16 and up were allowed to participate in the class. The class was taught by Stan Reimer, Master Photographer Craftsman, C.P.P ASP, of Stan Reimer Photography and Gallery, Pratt.

Students studied the art of photographing, post-production with Photoshop, and printmaking. Since the class was compromised of a diverse group of citizens in the community, a variety of styles and techniques are showcased throughout the exhibit.

The exhibit will be on display until Oct. 31 in the Delmar Riney Art Gallery at PCC. For more information or to be considered as a “Featured Artist” in the gallery, contact Lisa Perez Miller at 620-672-3559 or

For more information about the Vernon Filley Art Museum, visit or call 620-933-2787.


Photography Exibit photograph Photography Exibit photograph
Photography Exibit photograph Photography Exibit photograph