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Board of Trustees Meeting - March 16, 2015

Board Chair Michele Hamm called the Pratt Community College Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Mr. Jeff Shumway led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dr. Calvert recognized the following awards:

Outstanding Service Award for Academic Olympics

Jesse Shaw Hannah Shaw
Ann Ruder Jennifer Barten
Kip Chambers Jason Ghumm
Elyse Birdsong

Trustees Stan Reimer, Mike Koler, Dwane DeWeese, Jeff Shumway, Darrell Shumway, Michele Hamm and Ken Van Blaricum were present.

Also in attendance were VP of Finance and Operations Kent Adams, VP of Instruction Dr. Joe Varrientos, VP of Students & Enrollment Management Lisa Perez Miller, AD Kurt McAfee, Staff Representative Ann Ruder and Director of Nursing Kay Watkins. Absent were Assistant VP of Instruction Dr. Mike Westerhaus, Dean of Nursing Dr. Gail Withers, and Faculty Representative, Monette DePew.

Minutes were recorded by Debbie Hearn, Board Clerk.

Communication to the Board:
Ms. Hearn read two thank you cards from High Schools for PCC’s donation of shirts for their after prom event.

The Calendar of Events was presented on pages 3-4.

Consent Agenda:

1. Minutes from the February 16, 2015 Board Meeting were presented on pages 4-10.
There were no additions or corrections.

2. Personnel Actions were presented on page 11.
No Additions or corrections.

3. Financial Reports were presented on pages 12-16.
No additions or corrections.

Mr. DeWeese asked why the rodeo had no auxiliary funds to offset the overrun. Mr. Adams said the rodeo coach did not raise any additional funds to help the offset.

Mr. Adams and Dr. Calvert both advised the Board there is still a possibility of another budget cut.

4. Enrollment Management Report was presented on pages 17-22.
Ms. Miller reported Pratt Community College (PCC) will host the first Beaver Building Day on April 15. Fifty (50) students are signed up as of today.

Enrollment is behind 6.6%.

Mr. DeWeese questioned why Technical Education was down 16%, Ms. Miller explained this number also included nursing students and also it was everything not just on campus.

5. MIS Reports none for March.

6. Development/Foundation Report was presented on pages 23-24.
No additions or corrections.

Written Reports
• Learning Resource Center/Library Report was presented on pages 25.
• ACEN Accreditation Report was presented on pages 26-29.
There were no questions. The site visit was completed on March 12.
• Monthly Status of Projects was presented on pages 30-47.
 Board Chair Hamm asked for a motion to accept the consent agenda. Mr. Darrell Shumway moved to accept the consent agenda and
Mr. Dwane DeWeese seconded. Motion carried.

Action Items:


The administration requested the ratification of the waiver of Board Policy No. 3-07 for the sole-source purchase of nursing supply kits for students in NUR221in the amount of $2,698 from the PCC bookstore. Student fees pay for these kits. This is a sole-source since the bookstore is the only vendor that will put the complete kit together.

Mr. Mike Koler moved to ratify Board Policy 3-07 for the sole source purchase of nursing kits. Mr. Darrell Shumway seconded. Motion carried.

 Mower Bids – Mr. Adams reported that all of the mower bids came in under $35,000. Dr. Calvert and Mr. Adams will review the best choice of mower. In April Mr. Adams will bring the financing options for approval.

 Learning Management Systems Options:
Mr. Adams had a handout with several different vendors along with the cost. After some discussion Ms. Hamm asked for a motion to accept the bid from Canvas. Mr. Koler moved to accept the bid from Canvas for $18,000 – Implementation, Annual Cost of License Fees and Support $24,900. Mr. Darrell Shumway seconded it. Motion carried.

 Review Board Policy 3-05 Financial Condition – First Reading.
Mr. Van Blaricum moved to approve and waive the second reading of Board Policy 3-05 Financial Condition. Mr. Jeff Shumway seconded it. Motion carried.

 Oral Reports:

• Faculty Report Ms. Hearn reported the following:
The ACBSP Business Accreditation site visit was March 8-11; everything went well.

The Executive-in-Residence is currently scheduled for April 2.

Both honor group’s added new members at an Induction Ceremony Tuesday, March 3. Gregg Wade was the speaker; he provided students and all in attendance with some insights as to the political process, the responsibility of voting, and the status of the middle class.

The ACEN/KSBN site visit was been completed.

All on-campus nursing students will be attending a Customized Live Review through ATI (computerized assessment company). This is in preparation of the NCLEX-RN and will be held at the NCAT Auditorium in Wichita on March 10-12. The live review instructor from ATI is a former PCC employee, Barbara Hardinger.

Two nursing faculty, Sherry Ward and Tracy Reynolds, and the Dean and Director of nursing recently attended the iTrac conference in Wichita.

As president of KADRI, Kansas Assn. of Developmental Reading Instructors, and Monette DePew chaired a meeting at Hutchinson Community College; members of the KADRI Board met to plan the April Developmental Reading Instructor Conference, which will be held at HCC.

Sarah Jackson recently attended two different conferences in Wichita. Friday, March 6 was the iTRAC (Innovative Technology to Recharge and Connect) conference hosted by WATC.

Saturday was the annual KAMATYC meeting (Kansas Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges). Ms. Jackson is currently the President of the organization. Both meetings will be in Wichita again next year during iTRAC weekend so that instructors can continue to reap the benefits of the dual advertising and having two conferences in the same location.

The Performing Arts Department cordially invites everyone to its production of “Fiddler on the Roof” March 27 at 28 at 7:30pm and March 29 at 2:30pm. There will be a dinner theatre on Saturday the 28th at 6:30pm. For dinner reservations contact Amanda Wade at 620-450-2212. Tickets for the show are $5, tickets for dinner and the show are $15.

Encore begins the high school tour season as soon as Fiddler on the Roof closes.

Rhonda Westerhaus has organized a Children’s Literature project that will culminate on Thursday, April 16 at 8:30 am when students and the community will have the chance to hear an interview with a second generation survivor of the Holocaust. The speaker’s father was in one of the Death Camps. The presentation focuses on her father’s experiences as stated in his book Surviving Hitler, A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. A question time is reserved toward the end of the hour.

The library here and downtown are promoting this book with the invitation for a community-wide book discussion which will take place in the Linda Hunt Library after the interview. Also, part of the project is a traveling art exhibit of Children’s Art of the Holocaust to be displayed in our library. Everyone is invited to attend the Thursday, April 16 at 8:30 am presentation.

Joyce Frey continues to work toward her PhD. She has received IRB (Internal Review Board) approval to conduct a study on how the Plains Cree First Nations perceive human intelligence. She will be spending a couple of months in Saskatchewan this summer collecting data. She hopes to complete her final dissertation by December of 2015. Her Proposal Poster is in the Library. A Panel Forum or some type of presentation has been scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on March 31 (Tuesday) in the Library. Ms. Frey is also scheduled to present the poster at the Southwest Psychological Association annual conference being held in Wichita in April. I am also preparing to leave for Peru in April for my second Field Experience for the degree of International Psychology.

• Staff Report was given by Ms. Ruder.
• Ms. Ruder reported that Staff Senate is working on the Employee Evaluation Project.
• KACCT – Ms. Hamm reported the following:
• Dr. Calvert and Ms. Hamm were invited to have dinner in Topeka. Governor Brownback made some good comments on Community Colleges.
• KACCT’s quarterly meeting will be held on June 12-13 at Barton County Community College.
• ACCT –Mr. Darrell Shumway reported that his ACCT Board Advisory Committee received a survey from Noah Brown to review and attached their comments to it. The survey was 24 pages long. Once the committee has completed that project, they will start to research how to track attendance at conferences.
• AACC – Dr. Calvert and Mr. Van Blaricum will be attending the AACC Convention in April.
• NLS – Covered in the ACCT report.
• Other –Mr. DeWeese commended Mr. McAfee and his coaching staff for the marvelous job they do with the student athletes. Mr. DeWeese also commented on the track team competition at Sterling. The Sterling coach fed our track team and commented that “Your students taught ours how to compete today”.
• Discussion also how to handle student athlete’s meals during Spring Break, Christmas Break and before school starts. Mr. McAfee and Mr. DeWeese also thanked all of those family’s that have provided meals.
• Ms. Hearn also thanked Mr. DeWeese for driving the fan bus to the Region IV Basketball Tournament in Wichita.

Wrap Up:

Comments from the Public: Mr. Rose reported the following
• Mr. Rose stated for the college to hang tough, he has great confidence in the group to get through this tough time.
• Reminded the Board about “Fiddler of the Roof” coming up.

Comments from the President: Dr. Calvert reported on the following
• PCC will be participating in an HLC survey for work environment
• Intruder on Campus desktop was held on campus. Approximately 30 people from Emergency Management, Police, Hospital, USD 438, USD 382 and other’s from around Pratt County were involved in the workshop. This will be followed with a live exercise in the fall.
• The Business Accreditation team was on site, and he was please to say PCC had an excellent visit and will keep their accreditation.
• Dr. Calvert reviewed the Nursing site accreditations. PCC Administration and Board of Trustees were very disappointed in the visits from both KSBN and ACEN. The Administration has a plan in place to help our current students and also our students who are applying or will continue their schooling.
• Dr. Calvert thanked Kay Watkins, Director of Nursing for facing the struggles PCC and the students are having.

Comments for the Board Chair – Ms. Hamm reported the following:
• Ms. Hamm also thanked Kay for stepping up to help get PCC Nursing Program through this time.

Upcoming Events
 April 25, 2015 Bucky’s Roundup Auction 6p.m. at the 4-H Building, Pratt, KS Tickets $25 until April 15 after tickets will be $30.
 April 30, 2015 Academic Awards 7p.m. in Carpenter Auditorium
 May 8, 2015 Outstanding Alumni Luncheon 12p.m. in Room 312/314 in Riney Student Center
 May 8, 2015 Nurses Pinning and Commencement 2p.m. in Lesh Arena.
 May 11, 2015, All Employee Appreciation/Service Awards TBA
 May 18, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting at 7p.m. in the Riney Student Conference Center, No Board Dinner

Ms. Hamm requested a motion to take a five minute break and then go into executive session for no longer than 60 minutes. Mr. Ken Van Blaricum moved to take a five minute break and then go into executive session at 8:25p.m. Mr. Jeff Shumway seconded. Motion carried.

At 9:25p.m. Mr. Koler moved to return to regular session. Mr. Darrell Shumway seconded. Motion carried.

Mr. Koler moved to extend the executive session for no longer than 30 for non-personnel issues. Mr. DeWeese seconded. Motion carried.

The Board reconvened at 9:55 to move back into the regular Board meeting.

Mr. Duane DeWeese moved to adjourn the Board meeting at 9:56p.m. Mr. Mike Jeff Shumway seconded it. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.


Monday, March 16, 2015 - 7:00pm


Room 312/314

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