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Auto alumni visits college

13 November 2014

Loving his experience at Pratt Community College in the automotive department, 2008 graduate Oree Klein comes back to visit whenever he’s in town.

“Anytime I am in town I stop by to see what is going on and see the growth of the program,” he said. “It is fun to talk with the students.”

Klein said his positive experiences in the program are what make him want to come back, along with his respect for the instructors.

“Daryl and Greg have a lot of knowledge and know how to teach it.”

Klein said he decided to come to PCC after being in the vo-ag department in high school and restoring tractors in one of his classes. He said he looked at a couple of different colleges and decided on PCC because it offered the most hands-on experience.

“I think it was the best thing I could have done,” he said. “Not everyone can be taught with a book and having the hands-on aspect made it more effective for me.”

Klein works at New Star Pipe Line Co., in McPherson as a Terminal Operator and works from an automotive shop at his house on nights and weekends.

He said he chose to start his own shop, so that he can choose what projects he works on.