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Alumnus Takes First at Demo Derby

24 July 2013

On July 19, PCC automotive alumni Ben Rowland took first place in the Pratt County Fair Demolition Derby for the second year in a row. Using the exact same car, he smashed through the competition that spanned three heats, with 21 competitors total.

Last year he took first at Pratt, Stafford, and Kingman. Ben placed 6th at Stafford this year, and he's hoping to take home another victory at Kingman, Harper, and several others.

Automotive instructor Greg Bacon has firsthand experience helping Ben build his demolition machines in the PCC auto shop, which Bacon says is truly and art that Rowland has mastered this art in order win consistently.

"We help him build every engine to very particular tolerances that will run the entire derby, without shutting off, at over 290 degrees after losing all coolant, while being run into, not to mention the hundreds of hours he spends welding and reinforcing specific points of each car so they will 'take a lickn' and keep on tickn' Driving skills, you ask? The kid has nerves of steel. The car is not the only thing in that arena taking a beating, and through it all, if you watch him drive, you can see how patient and calculating he is with each maneuver and devastating hit."

PCC Automotive Department is proud to have sponsored Ben Rowland for the last several years and we are very proud of his accomplishments. Ben is the lead mechanic for a large farming operation headquartered in Pratt County.