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New courses to be offered next semester

31 October 2011

In the spring semester two one-hour horseshoeing courses will be offered for students to learn the basics of horseshoeing.

"After taking these classes they won't be able to shoe their own horses but will know if it is something they are interested in learning how to do," said Ryan Vander Pluym, instructor.

For students who want to learn how to shoe their own horses, a certificate program is going to be started next fall. Vander Pluym said all the details weren't worked out yet but that the certificate program would take a full year to complete. When the program was completed, students would be farriers.

When the certificate program starts, Vander Pluym said he would like to see them bring from the community horses in for the students to work on. He said this will allow them to get hands-on experience with the horses and teach the students to work with people. Though the program is still being finalized, Vander Pluym indicated courses such as business might be required so students can not only be successful at horseshoeing but also in working for themselves.

"When they get their certificate I want them to be able to be successful with it," Vander Pluym said.

Vander Pluym has been in the horseshoeing business for about 20 years and is excited to teach students how to properly do it.

"I enjoy doing it and hope the students will also," he said.