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Farrier Science program doubles in size

28 May 2014

Doubling in size from this year to last, Pratt Community College’s farrier science program had 10 students receive certificates of competition in the program, and also become certified on the national level.

PCC’s Farrier Science program works through the Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association to certify students.
While becoming certified, students take classes to learn to shoe their own horses, equine classes to learn more about horses and business classes so they can run their own business.

The 10 students certified are now either Apprentice I or IIs and several were even able to complete their Journeyman I status, meaning they have on the job training and passed the exam.

“The national certification is something that isn’t offered at most schools and will help the students to be successful in the future,” said Ryan Vander Pluym, instructor. “Along with giving them the certification, it also give them extra training which will be helpful when they go out and start working on their own.”

Brotherhood of Working Farrier Association is one of two associations that nationally certifies people as farriers. They are the only one in the nation that works with the Farrier Research Center to continue to find new ways to shoe horses.