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PCC’s ag power program loaned $300,000 tractor

29 August 2016

As the start of the 2016 fall semester has begun, Ag power students received hands-on training with a Case Magnum 310 loaned from Straub’s International out of Pratt, KS. This tractor retails at $270,000 to $300,000 and allowed students to receive training on the highest quality of equipment. They spent two days learning and running checks on this tractor and will continue to train on different equipment throughout the year.
The Ag Power Program, taught by Rod Stewart, offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree that prepares students with workforce training and the knowledge of key fundamentals. Students will complete eight weeks training on campus and then move on to an eight week paid internship.
The Ag Power Program was started 19 years ago when seven technicians were invited to PCC to brainstorm a new curriculum. Rod Stewart, one of those original technicians, has been leading the program for the last 18 years. Stewart has a background of more than 30 years in the industry and continues to make improvements to meet the community’s needs.
To find out more about the Ag Power Program visit http://prattcc.edu/department/agriculture-power-technology.