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Stewart and Cramer say farewell to PCC

17 May 2017

Staff and Faculty at Pratt Community College came together to recognize the retirement of two faculty members on May 15. Agriculture Power Technology instructor, Rod Stewart, and Psychology and Sociology instructor, David Cramer, announced that they will be retiring at semester end.

“These two have more than four decades of teaching at PCC between them,” said Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, PCC Vice President of Instruction. “They will be missed by all of us here at PCC as well as the students they have taught over the years.”

Stewart and Cramer said a few emotional words at the reception. Both agreed that working at PCC and with students each year has been wonderful.

“My time here has been extremely enjoyable,” said Stewart. “I very much enjoyed working with the faculty. We’ve become like family.”

Stewart started working at PCC 18 years ago. He says his greatest accomplishment is being a part of the team who established the Ag Power program and growing it into a program that is highly respected among Ag dealers and industry around the state. Because of the relationships made and the quality of the program all of the Ag power students each year are placed into semester internships and could possibly receive jobs at after completion.

Stewart says that over the years all of the experiences and students coming in and out make it all worthwhile.

“The best part of working here and with this program are all of the students and parents who stay connected with me,” said Stewart. “I still get calls and letters from graduates. That is my greatest accomplishment.”

Cramer also shared memorable moments of his 28 years at PCC. The Psychology and Sociology came to Pratt with just a small van filled with his family and possessions.

He began teaching in graduate school because he says he enjoys logic, evidence, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

“Even though we are a small community college in a small rural area, we attract students from every state of the union as well as countries from all over the world,” said Cramer. “We have athletes, vocational students, and academic students.  What a pleasure it is to meet so many individuals and to have them contribute to each other’s development.  I truly enjoy the challenge of working in an institution which combines academics, athletics and skilled-labor curriculums.  I am certain this is why PCC is consistently ranked at the top in the nation by outside evaluators.”

Cramer told the crowd that two words can sum up the 28 years at PCC and for him those are gratitude and pride. Cramer said that he is thankful for the opportunity to come here and work with so many great people and students.

“I am very proud to have worked with so many wonderful people and the Pratt Community,” said Cramer.

For their years of service Stewart received a Snap-On tool chest. Students and others contributed towards getting him the new tool chest.

Cramer received a gift card presented to him from Fitzpatrick.
“A little start towards your boat,” said Fitzpatrick, jokingly.

Cramer joked that his long range plan is to buy a house in the mountains and another at the beach. He and his family plans on taking a summer vacation to the beach and will remain active and healthy in the Pratt community.

Stewart and his wife are preparing to move North of Manhattan, Kan. to be closer to his father who is 87-years-old and their children and grandchildren. Stewart also has an opportunity to do some workshops at Pittsburg State University.