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AQIP visit rescheduled for December

01 November 2012

Officials from the Higher Learning Commission have rescheduled their accreditation visit for Pratt Community College for Dec. 3 through Dec. 5. Pratt Community College was originally scheduled for a review from the Higher Learning Commission for reaccreditation purposes Oct. 24 through Oct. 26; however, the visit was postponed due to flight cancellations.

During the visit two reviewers from Community Colleges in Wyoming and Iowa will examine the institution from a functional standpoint.

The Higher Learning Commission, a subsidiary of North Central Accreditation, will look in to the ways that PCC operates in and out of the classroom, with overall processes to be reviewed ranging from the institutional processes for assessment of student learning to how the institution carries out business operations.

"The quality checkup is one piece in the institution accreditation for Pratt Community College," said Eric Webb, Assistant to the President for Planning and Assessment. "We have two great reviewers who are eager to engage in a positive, productive conversation with the employees at PCC."

Every seven years the college must be reviewed to retain accreditation, a process that each school accredited by the Higher Learning Commission must complete. The last review resulted in a clean bill of health for PCC, with only minor changes that were asked to be made.

"The most likely outcome, like all prior pieces of PCC's accreditation, will be to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback," said Webb.

Community members are reminded that they are welcome to send their thoughts about PCC and its programs to:
Public Comment on Pratt Community College
The Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411