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Favorite part of Ricke's job is advising students

14 October 2011

Wanting to challenge her students in the classroom and to help them succeed outside of the classroom is what Carol Ricke, Pratt Community College lead business instructor, feels are two important parts of her job.

"I like to think my classes are demanding, but I want them to understand and be able to ask questions also," Ricke said. "I enjoy advising them and helping them to see what they have to do to be successful."

Ricke said along with them having success in the classroom, she feels like she contributes to that when they realize they can better themselves more than they originally thought.

"I feel successful when a student comes here because they don't feel like they will do well at a four year college and then gains confidence while they are here and realizes they can go on," she said. Ricke started at PCC more than 20 years ago, as part time faculty. She taught business classes in the evenings at Medicine Lodge, when there was an outreach course there.

"I was working part time and I knew if I started teaching on the PCC campus, it would lead to full time work," Ricke said.

Within a year, Ricke was working as a business instructor full time at the college. She is now the coordinator of administrative assistant program and lead business instructor.

Ricke, who is originally from Bonner Springs, started her college career at Pittsburg State University, where she majored in business education. Before graduating, Ricke transferred to Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where she completed her degree. Upon graduating, Ricke went back to PSU for her master's degree in Teacher Education. Since then, Ricke has continued to take business education and instructional design courses.

"Since graduating, I have taken many courses to keep my skills up and help me to learn new information," she said.

Going into business was an easy choice for Ricke. All four of her older siblings went to PSU and all four of them majored in business. After getting into college, Ricke decided that adding teaching to her degree would give her more options and thought she would be more interested in teaching than some of her other options with a business degree.

Along with teaching at the college, Ricke is also on the Board of Commission for the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. The program does peer accreditations, giving feedbacks and getting ideas on how to improve their program.

"I think it is an important program to be involved with," Ricke said.

In Ricke's free time she likes to quilt, sew and read. She also likes to spend time with her two sons and daughters and three grandsons.