MEN SOC wins 1-0 vs NOC (Sept. 17)
WMN SOC falls 0-5 vs. NOC (Sept. 17)
MEN XC finishes #8, WMN XC finishes #9 @ Lubbock (Sept 12)
VB wins vs. Colby 25-18, 25-23 and 25-19 (Sept. 10)

Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence

The Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence program was implemented in 1988 by the Accounting and Business Department to give the students at Pratt Community College the opportunity to interact with a business person from the area and learn about his/her experiences. Nominees come from a large background of fields, exhibit a long and successful career in business, and are willing to share that knowledge with our college community.

Executive-in-Residence Previous Awards:

Bill Keller 2012-2013

Bobby and Becky Eastes 2011-2012

Paul Hayes 2010-11

Daryl and Gary Trimpe 2009-2010

David Borho 2008-2009

Doug Reh 2007-2008

Robert A. Blasi 2006-2007

Patrick N. Barker 2005-2006

Jean Clarkson-Frisbie 2004-2005

James W. Van Blaricum III, D.D.S. 2003-2004

Howard K. Loomis 2002-2003

Phil Farmer, O.D. 2001-2002

Jerry Bohn 2000-2001

Jerry K. Larrison 1999-2000

Susan M. Page 1998-1999

Gary C. Skaggs 1997-1998

Kenneth C. Gates 1996-1997

Dennis Lesh 1995-1996

George T. Chandler 1994-1995

Jud Stanion 1993-1994

Margaret Watson 1992-1993

Max Mize 1991-1992

Boyd Davies 1987-1988