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Hitt recipient of 27th Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence

25 March 2015

Growing up in North Dakota, Cheri Hitt would sit on her dad’s knee reading the High Plains Journal with him, picking different ranches in Kansas that she wanted to own someday.

In 1990 Hitt  made her dream of living in Kansas a reality and knew she was home when she hit the cobblestone streets of Pratt. 

Since that time, Hitt has recognized by becoming Rookie of the Year, qualifying for membership in the Million Dollar Round Table,  and now becoming Pratt Community College’s 27th Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence.

In 2005, she acquired Pratt’s Farm Bureau Financial Services office.

“She’s what we consider a good example to the students of a business leader,” said Junnae Landry, event coordinator. “Along with being a business leader, she is also involved in the community, which is important.”

Hitt was operating a day care when she decided that it was time for a career change. As her children got older and involved in more activities, Hitt wanted to find something different and the opportunity to start her business presented itself. 

“It was very intriguing  to me and allowed me to serve the community by utilizing my strengths,” she said. “Becoming an insurance agent is not a career path that many give much consideration but I will attest that it is the perfect fit for the right person who loves to help people, and can be a very rewarding career. Caring for people came natural for me.  It is what I had spent my life doing.”

Hitt said one of her strengths came when she was studying pre-law, which gave her the edge to interpret contracts and to specialize in the industry.  She added that she teaches, mentors, serves and help protect people against the unforeseen throughout all stages of their life.

Her agency offers 83 different insurance products, over 400 mutual funds from eight mutual fund families along with Retirement and Estate Planning services.  

“I love my career. It is a part of me, a lifetime commitment, and  gives me the opportunity to serve and touch lives daily,”  she said. “My proudest accomplishments have not been in the recognitions I have received but in having a proven track record of keeping my word and putting my clients’ needs first every day.” 

Quite often Hitt’s career requires her to work with people after the unthinkable has happened to them. In order to be good at her job, Hitt feels it is important to be empathetic to their needs because of what life has dealt them at that time.  

“Life happens, and I’m there to help put back the pieces as best I can,” she said.  

Along with empathy, Hitt feels that education is very important to having a successful business. She currently has completed three programs designated for the insurance industry: ChFC, CLU and CASL and is currently working on the CAP master’s program.  

While being recognized on April 2, Hitt will give the presentation she wrote entitled: “A Decade of Change – A Story to Tell” where she will talk about why she came to Pratt and what makes her business a success.

“The main reason I accepted this award is so that I can talk to the students,” she said. “I want them to walk away knowing they have a purpose and that no matter if they are a secretary or the CEO, their roll is vital to the team and to society. Each one of us has talents and we all have an obligation to each other to use our talents for the benefit of society.” 

Hitt said she does many things to try to live up to those words through community support and by creating rewarding job opportunities for others by building a team atmosphere.  

“Even though I wanted to do it all on my own, I recognized that my clients are better served with people that specialize in different areas,” she said.  

This was difficult for her at first because she likes to have her hand in everything but she has learned to let go a little bit. She looks items over before they go out the door but trusts that she has a solid team that is capable of doing the job and will come to her if they do have an issue or question. 

When Hitt isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her two children and one grandchild. She also loves to spend time outside hunting, fishing, taking photos and gardening. 

Come listen to Hitt’s full presentation on April 2 at 11 a.m. in Carpenter Auditorium and speak to her at a coffee in the Linda Hunt Memorial Library.

To find out more information about the Executive-in-Residence, please contact Junnae Landry at 620.450.2152 or junnael@prattcc.edu 

The Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence Award is just one of the ways that PCC celebrates being part of the Pratt community. Our mission is maximum student learning, individual and workforce development, high quality instruction and service, and community enrichment. Each year, the members of the PCC family contribute more than 13,000 hours in community service and engagement to South Central Kansas. Our middle name is community.