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Kolm Honored with Certificate

14 July 2011

Pratt Community College's Lisa Kolm, data coordinator, received the certificate of completion through the Data and Decisions Academy. Dr. William Wojciechowski, PCC president, nominated Kolm in December 2010. After she was accepted, she then had to complete the required coursework.

"I nominated her for the scholarship to the Association of Institutional Research training program which provided her with even more sophisticated skills that can benefit PCC's Board and administration as we navigate through these difficult economic and financial challenges," Wojciechowski said. "The Data and Decisions Award she received from the Association is testimony of Lisa's ability and skill in this very important and critical management support function. We are indeed fortunate to have an institutional research associate on our staff who is so highly talented."

Completing the courses required a significant investment of time and study. Some of the course components include: multi-media presentations, readings, assignments and interactions with mentors.

"I am grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in the coursework offered by the Association of Institutional Research," Kolm said. "This was, by far, the best professional development I've experienced and I look forward to continuing to apply the knowledge gained to our institutional research efforts."

Kolm has worked at PCC for 17 years as the data coordinator.

"Lisa Kolm has done an outstanding job of managing, analyzing and reporting critical data that contributes to making numerous management decisions," Wojciechowski said. "Her keen analytical mind and her talent for translating numbers to form a clear picture of a particular activity or project aid the Board and administration in defining areas for improvement which ultimately leads to better management decisions. As a result of her efforts, Pratt Community College benefits from the data-informed decision making efforts that might not otherwise be possible."