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Kansas Higher Education Celebrates No.1 in Nation

12 March 2015

(Topeka, Kansas) - On Wednesday, March 11, the Kansas Board of Regents met with Presidents and Board Chairs from Community Colleges and Technical Colleges across Kansas to celebrate the collaborative work that is being done in Kansas across our higher education institutions.

Governor Brownback was also in attendance, to recognize the recent announcement by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center which ranked Kansas as the national leader in the percentage of community college students who continue on to get a degree from a four-year institution.  

“We were delighted that the Governor could stop by and share a few remarks,” stated Kenny Wilk, Chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents.  “This is something the entire Kansas higher education system is proud to recognize and celebrate.”

The report lists only six states – Virginia, Iowa, North Dakota, Texas and Illinois, along with Kansas – with 20 percent or more of students who started at a two-year public school finishing with a degree from a four-year institution. The national average was reported as 16.2 percent; Kansas had the highest rate at 25.2 percent. 

“We are currently pursuing a goal to increase to 60% by 2020 the percent of Kansans with a higher education certificate or degree, because more and more of the job opportunities projected for Kansas will require higher education credentials,” stated Dr. Andy Tompkins, President and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents.  “Our system has been working to achieve this goal through a collaborative, systemwide approach. We feel proud of our accomplishments thus far and the validation of those approaches as demonstrated by this report."

Click here to find the meeting handout outlining eight specific initiatives that are proving successful because of the collaboration.

For more information, contact Breeze Richardson at (785) 291-3969 or brichardson@ksbor.org.