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College receives $250,000 gift towards new track and field complex

04 September 2018

Dr. Michael Calvert, President, Pratt Community College, announced today a $250,000 gift to their capital campaign to build a new track and field complex for the Pratt community.

“Plans to build a track and field complex received a significant lift with receipt of this generous gift,” said Calvert.  “We are extremely grateful to the Sunderland Foundation of Overland Park, Kansas.”

The gift, according to College Foundation Executive Director Barry Fisher, is helping to secure an anonymous $1 million challenge grant received by the Foundation in April.  

“With this gift, we have matched $355,000 of the $1 million challenge grant,” Fisher said. “Our Campaign Leadership Committee is working hard to ensure that the challenge grant is met.”

“Sunderland representatives were pleased to see local donors already committed to this project, including the challenge grant,” said Fisher. “They gave their gift, in part, to encourage additional local support.  We are grateful for their generous gift, and their desire to advance philanthropy in Pratt and the region.”
The track and field facility is about more than athletic events, however, economics factor in.

“Like the Green Sports Complex, we expect this facility to also add to Pratt’s economy,” says Foundation Board President and Campaign Leadership Committee Member Gregg Lesh of Wichita.  “It is calculated that the Green Sports Complex currently generates more than $1.4 million annually in economic activity. Local hotels, restaurants, retailers and our local tax revenues benefit when out-of-county visitors come to compete at our facilities.”

“This is a community project,” says Calvert.  “PCC does not have a track and field facility, and each high school is lacking a comprehensive facility to meet all their students’ athletic needs. The end product of this campaign will be a facility that will serve all three of these schools, as well as the general public. It will also be a huge economic driver for Pratt businesses.”

“Fundraising is really what drives the timeline for construction,” says Lesh. “Our hope is to break ground in the Spring on 2019. We are absolutely committed to raising the funds necessary to see this through to completion.”

Plans call for the track and field facility to be built east of the current Green Sports Complex, located on the southeast side of Pratt.  

If you are interested in learning more about giving to Pratt Community College, or this project, contact Barry Fisher at the PCC Foundation, 620-450-2179.