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Blood Drive at PCC Yields Large Participation

13 September 2012

Phi Theta Kappa held their Fall Semester Blood Drive on Wednesday with the help and support of over 88 total participants. College students, staff, and faculty were on hand to assist Red Cross workers as well as to donate blood.

The event was organized by PCC's Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Phi Zeta, which sponsored the event. The organizations, along with Hannah Shaw, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Advisor, coordinated with American Red Cross representatives to assure the event went off without any hiccups.

"Blood drives are important because the need is always there," Shaw said. "Our hospitals, researchers, and other medical service providers depend on donations to help others."

Surpassing their overall goal of 31 total units of blood, volunteers and donors helped to raise a total of 33 full units of blood, each of which can be used to help save three lives.

"PCC is in a unique position to hold a drive because it gives our student population and employees an opportunity to volunteer and donate in a convenient location," Shaw said.

While the drive surpassed donation goals for the event, PCC will hold another blood drive in the spring for students and staff to participate in as well.