Pratt Community College's main campus and eLearning Center in Wichita will be closed for winter break.

Offices close on Friday Dec. 22 and will re-open Wednesday Jan. 3 after the new year.

The PCC faculty and staff enjoy assisting students and community members who wish to further...

  • Happy Holidays from everyone at PCC.

Being an Active Bystander


Some Facts:
Pratt Community College asks everyone at PCC to be an active bystander.  When you witness any troubling behavior take action to ensure that PCC is a safe environment.  Being aware and responding are keys to becoming an active bystander.  See something, say something, and do something.

Say No to These Behaviors

  • Abusive behavior
  • Discrimination
  • Taking advantage of an imbalance in power such as status or size
  • Hate behavior
  • Risky behavior due to alcohol or drugs

Be Safe:
If intervening in the situation would be dangerous contact campus security or local law enforcement.