The safety and wellbeing of the Pratt Community College campus community is our highest concern.

Today, March 27, 2020 PCC administration was informed of a positive COVID – 19 test for an employee who works primarily in Chandler Hall on the Pratt Campus. The employee’s most recent day at...

Pratt Community College President Dr. Michael Calvert updates the PCC community about college  operations moving forward.

"Please know that our administrative team is meeting on a daily basis to discuss this ever-evolving situation," said Calvert. "The utmost goal of our actions is to...

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Administrative Policies

Policy Name Policy Number
Review of Administrative Policies 100-01
Organizational Chart 100-02
Record Retention and Destruction 200-02
Student or Employee Lists 200-03
Memorials 200-04
Alcoholic Beverages 200-05
Press Releases 200-07
Solicitation and Advertising 200-08
Unauthorized Persons on College Grounds or Within College Buildings 200-21
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control 200-25
Harassment and Discrimination Policy 200-26
Tobacco Use 200-27
Drug-Free School and Community Compliance Policy 200-28
Complaint/Grievance Policy 200-29
Products of Research and Development Policy 200-30
Compensation for Approved Grants 200-31
Copyright and Fair Use Laws 200-32
Website Content 200-33
Computer and Internet Use 200-34
Employee/Student Work Products 200-35
User Profile Rights for Power Campus 200-36
Campus Security 200-40
Campus Crime and Security 200-41
Weapons 200-42
Internally Published Handbooks 200-50
Institutional Social Media Accounts Policy 200-51
Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing 300-02
Requests for References for Current or Former Employees 300-04
Employees Leaving PCC Employment 300-05
Employee Assistance Program 300-06
Workers Compensation Policy 300-07
HIPAA Policy 300-08
Payroll 300-11
Conflicts of Interest 300-12
Overtime/Compensatory Time 300-13
Military Leave 300-15
Vacant Positions Within Other Departments 300-18
Requirements for Professional Employees 300-20
Holidays 300-40
Insurance Benefits 300-41
Vacation 300-42
Tuition Remission 300-43
Sick Leave 300-44
Jury Duty/Serving as Witness 300-45
Bereavement 300-46
Personal Leave 300-47
Lactation Policy 300-48
Flexible Benefit Plan 300-49
Release Time for Personal or Professional Development 300-55
Staff Development Policy Statement 300-56
Obligation for College-Sponsored Education/Training 300-57
Sick Leave Bank 300-58
Pay Increase 300-65
Staff Casual Day Dress Code 300-66
Orientation and Training Program for New Employees 300-70
Requirements for Graduation 400-01
Grading System 400-02
Policy on Vocational-Technical School and Technical College Credits 400-03
Testing and Placement of Students 400-04
Home School Students 400-05
Credit by Examination 400-06
Repeat Enrollments in Developmental Courses 400-07
College Admission Requirements 400-08
International Students 400-09
College-Wide Attendance Policy 400-10
Dismissal 400-11
Last Date of Attendance 400-12
Academic Awards 400-13
Institutional Program Review 400-15
New Course Approval 400-17
Transcript Retention 400-20
Transfer Credit Acceptance 400-21
Assignment of Credit Hours 400-22
Protecting College Property 500-02
Public Use of College Facilities 500-03
Lost, Stolen, or Misplaced Keys to College Facilities 500-04
Use of College Equipment 500-05
Use of College Vehicles 500-06
College Computer System 500-07
Grant Purchased Equipment Usage Policy 500-08
Service Interruption Notification 500-10
Pets/Animals and College Facilities 500-11
Travel Expenses 500-12
Policy for Disposal of College Assets 500-20
Audit Procedures -- Perkins Grants 500-21
Fundraising Events and Project Approval and Coordination Policy 500-30
Accounting Process for Athletic Fundraising 500-31
College Cellular Telephone Usage 500-40
Student Code of Conduct & Responsibility 600-01
Student Rights and Due Process Procedure 600-02
Student Conduct: Rules, Regulations and Sanctions 600-03
Public Access to Student Records 600-04
Processing Student Complaints 600-05
College Breathalyzer 600-06
Record of Student Concerns and Resolutions 600-07
Identity Theft Prevention - Red Flag 600-08
Security Awareness Policy 600-09
Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information (Cui) 600-10
Student Housing 600-11
Residence Hall Room Entry Provisions 600-12
Residence Hall Occupancy -- Pre/Post Semester & Holiday Guidelines 600-13
Athlete Agent Act Standards 600-35
Student Immunization Policy 600-40
Special Needs Services Policy 600-50
Tuition and Fee Payment 700-01
Tuition and Fees 700-02
Enrollment Window 700-05
PCC Out-Of-State Rollover Procedure 700-06
Special Fees 700-07
Distribution of Student Fees 700-10
Tuition and Fee Refund 700-11
Student Indebtedness to College 700-12
Institutional Student Loan Conflict of Interest 700-19
Senior Citizens 700-20
Armed Forces Tuition 700-21
Scholarship Award Policy 700-22
Financial Aid Priority Deadlines 700-24
Gifts 700-25
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) 700-26